Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 41 – August 24, 2015

Alright, so it has been a while since you all have heard from me… And all I have to say is that there sure have been some BIG DECISIONS AND CHANGES since my last post. I’ll try and do my best to catch you up and fill you in.

Let’s back up to Monday, August 10th… today was just another pretty normal P-day for Sis. Steadman and me. Nothing too exciting happened, but we were able to get lots done and relax a bit which is always a nice thing! We did discover an awesome new video clip The Church put out called “STRIVE”. It focusses on how we need to STRIVE to do all we can NOW to become who God wants us to be. Check out this video and make some personal goals of things you want to STRIVE to be better at to help you personally grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, August 11th, was Tom’s birthday (he is an older man who lives next to the institute building). Tom spends a lot of time sitting out on his porch and since we walk by his place so much Sis. Steadman and I have been able to have several chats with Tom over the last three months. Since it was his birthday we made sure to swing by and sing him one of the greatest birthday songs you’ve ever heard! We pretty much did a remix of all of the different birthday songs we grew up learning in primary, but let me tell you Tom loved it!

The Higbees spent some time with us today and they were sweet enough to treat us out to a wonderful meal at Red Robin and let me say we loved every bit of our burgers! Thanks Higbees!

The next day was August 12th, which meant it was both Sister Steadman and mine’s HUMP DAY on our mission. We made it HALFWAY through. Today marked being out on out missions for NINE MONTHS! Yay!!! It wasn’t until later that day that I found out I would actually being flying out the next morning to go home. So my hump day actually ended up being my last day out in the mission field. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

We had our weekly district meeting and after Sister Higbee surprised all of us with one of her amazing meals for lunch. Oh my goodness she is sure a good cook! That afternoon, we went next door to our neighbors and helped Catherine with some weeding. Let me tell you, those weeds just never stop coming!

Elder and Sister Higbee sure know how to spoil our district! Thanks for the amazing lunch! I know all of our tummies were in hog heaven!

It wasn’t too much later in the day when I got a call from my Mission President telling me that I had a flight home the following morning. I was in total shock! Talk about having no time to prepare! I instantly went into crazy mode trying to get everything done. I had so much to do! I had to say my goodbyes and get ALL of my stuff packed. Our day instantly went from a nice casual day to complete chaos! I really didn’t have much time to say bye to anyone, but I made sure I was able to at least say bye to the Elders, Karem, and of course I made Dixon come by so I could tell him goodbye. It was pretty cool to have the elders and Dixon stop by. It gave me a chance to take a break from packing and simply sit down in the grass and talk with them. I was able to bear my testimony and thank them for their service as full time missionaries. It didn’t take long before the tears came. Reality kicked in and I realized I wasn’t going to be here with them for much longer.

Goodbye room! I'll miss you!

Our place may have been ghetto, but I sure did fall in love with that place. I will cherish that place simply because of all of the many memories I made there!  

Theo and Uffda and little Dinky. You know they're the cutest bear family you have EVER seen!  

Man I am going to miss this little lady! I love you Karem! 

The elders and Dixon came by to say goodbye. I was sure lucky to work with such a wonderful group of people!  

So you probably are wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED that caused me to come home. I have to say, this has actually been months in the making, but when the final decision came, it came FAST! Long story short, I am going to be able to get some medical things taken care of being back home that I wasn’t going to be able to take care of out there as a missionary. I do have to say, it has been really cool to see Heavenly Father’s hand in this whole process! I didn’t know WHY He wanted to me serve, but now looking back I have been able to see so many blessings that have come from serving and one of those blessings is the fact that doctors think they have some answers for me! That in itself is so exciting! God really does have a plan for us! He wants us happy and healthy. More often than not, we have to learn to walk by faith and step into the darkness before we will ever see the light.

Now going back to Wednesday night, Sister Steadman and I decided to celebrate our HUMP DAY together by ordering us some pizza. It’s crazy to think, I met Sister Steadman nine months ago out at the MTC! We truly have become so much more than companions, or even sisters! That girl has become a best friend! Sis, thanks for EVERYTHING!!! I will love you forever!

Thanks for the HUMP DAY package Aunt Cindy!  
In honor of our HUMP DAY we decided it would only be appropriate to order my first pizza! Growing up I never was able to get pizza delivered because I lived so stinkin' far away from everything so we figured my last night in the city we should splurge and have dinner delivered! :) I have to say it was a great way to celebrate our HUMP DAY!  

Our night ended late, with having the Higbees come to pick us up to drive us to our mission president’s home where we would sleep for our final night together.

The next day, Thursday, August 13th, seemed to be here in the blink of an eye! Packing up and leaving all happened so fast, but I was ready and excited for the next thing God had in store for me! Again, I find that it is time to take a step into the darkness and walk by faith, trusting in God and His plans for me.

As I sat on the plane, on my flight home, I opened up my BOM and came across a scripture that seemed to be written just for me at that moment in my life. I opened to 3 Nephi and started reading from chapter 18 and then I read verse 27. This was when Christ was speaking to the people in the Americas about how His time had come to leave them because Heavenly Father had other work for Him to do. I felt instant peace come over me as I realized I was about to embark on a new chapter in my life. I knew God wasn’t done with me—He still has work for me to do. “I must go unto my Father that I may fulfil other commandments which he hath given me.” It was now my time to return home and fulfil other things God has in store for me.

I just want to THANK EVERYONE who showed me so much support while I was out serving the Lord! I have to say, I was one spoiled missionary! I cherished and loved EVERY letter I got! (Now keep up the good work and find sometime to write a missionary out there serving!)  

Goodbye Minnesota!

Hello Mountains! I've missed you!!!

My mission president and his wife Sister Forbes drop me off at the airport.

Saying goodbye to my most favorite Sister Steadman! I'm already having Steadman withdrawals!

Home sweet home with my Papa :)

Before I close my last mission post, I would like to bear my testimony…

I know I am a child of God. He is literally the Father of my spirit. I know He loves me and wants me to become like Him. Jesus Christ is my Savior. He atoned for my sins and has made it possible for all of us to return home to our Father in Heaven. I know Christ has felt everything I have ever felt. He knows my pains, my sadness, my loneliness, and my frustrations. He understands me perfectly. I know before we came to earth we all lived with our Heavenly Parents. We each chose to follow Jesus Christ’s plan to come to earth in hopes to one day be able to return back to the presents of God. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of this plan. I know there is more after this life. I understand we are here on earth to be tested and tried. I know life isn’t supposed to be easy, but if we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ every trial we face will be well worth it. It is my greatest desire to one day live with God again. I know God loves all of His children so He sent prophets over time to be His mouthpiece. I know we have a living Prophet today, Thomas S. Monson. I know he leads and guides Christ’s church. The same church Christ established on the earth when He was here. I know Jesus Christ re-established His church in our day through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know at the young age of fourteen Joseph Smith saw God our Father and His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ. I am thankful to live in a time when Christ’s church is on the Earth. I am grateful for the Priesthood and that we are able to carry out ordinances in that power. I am grateful for temples and for the work that is done in them. I know families truly can be sealed together forever. It brings me so much comfort to know that God has a perfect plan and that He is the perfect judge. I know we can draw closer to Him through prayer and reading the scriptures. I know The Book of Mormon is true and the Bible is true as far as it is translated correctly. I am so grateful for the lessons I can learn from the scriptures. I am eternally indebted to my Savior Jesus Christ for completing the atonement. I know it is only through Christ that I can repent and be forgiven of my sins. I can’t begin to express how grateful I truly am for my Savior and His suffering for me. I am so thankful I can repent every time I make a mistake. I know Christ is always there to lift me up no matter how far I have seemed to have fallen. I am grateful for the covenants I have made with my Father in Heaven. I am grateful for the opportunity to renew my baptismal covenants each week at church when I take the sacrament. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost. I know the Holy Ghost blesses my life. He helps me recognize when I need to repent and change, He warns me of danger, and He helps me know God’s will for me. It is through the Holy Ghost that I have come to gain my personal testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. I know this is Christ’s Church- the same church Christ established when He was living on the earth. I am grateful to be a member of His church. I hope and pray I can make my Father in Heaven proud as I strive to stand as a witness of God at all times, and in all things, and in all places. I know the things which I have shared are true and I share them in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 40 – August 10, 2015

Ok, so last Saturday we were too busy to get emailing in, but don't you worry I wasn't going to keep you waiting too too long before hearing from me. I have lots to cover so I'm going to jump right in.

Let's back up to two Saturdays ago, on August 1st. It was a pretty relaxing P-Day for Sister Steadman and myself. We enjoyed simply "being". We did run over to the Global Market where I invested in my first "Moo Moo". Let me tell you, the thing is a big piece of fabric that l wear for my PJs (since it is so HOT in our apartment). It's nice because it is big, loose, and comfy, but I will have you know I do look like I'm wearing a giant magic carpet or something. Good thing, I totally rock it ;)

On Sunday, August 2nd, we had a new investigator show up to church. Her name is Shampagne. She has been working with some other elders in our district, but is 19 and wants to start coming to the singles ward. She has come to a few of our activities and seems to jump right in. Eva also came to church which was wonderful since it has been a super long time since the last time she was there!

That evening Dixon had a BBQ over at his new place with a group of us from the ward. We had a good time being able to all break our fast together. We all took turns going around and sharing some of our most embarrassing moments. We got some good laughs. I would have to say that Elder Higbee and Sister Steadman had the best stories! At one point I think I was laughing so hard I stopped breathing there for a minute.

That night we ended up making our elders, Elder Roberts and Elder Chou some homemade popcorn and famous Larson orange julious. So at 9 pm when the elders where on their way home we told them to stop by our place where we surprised them with our treats. The elders here are amazing and they are always doing stuff for us so we like to be able to give back too. We had a good time eating popcorn and talking about where we thought we would be going this next transfer... (we would find out in the morning if we would be moving areas). President Forbes told us that Sister Steadman was going to be leaving and then we heard some other rumors that I too might be leaving the area. I was so bummed at the thought of loosing Sister Steadman! After all, we are the "DREAM TEAM". But we knew we needed to go where the Lord wanted us... now we just had to wait until the next day to find out where we would be going.

We love our elders!

This is the life!

The following day, Monday August 3rd, we had an appointment with Jenna. We went to her apartment and had a great lesson with her about priorities (again). Seems like we can never learn enough about having the right priorities. Anyway, right before we left we decided to use her wifi connection and check our email to see where we would be serving this next transfer! I pulled the email up first and I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Was I seeing this correctly?!?! Was Sister Steadman and I still TOGETHER?! Oh my goodness—this was real! President must have changed his mind! Sister Steadman were going to both STAY! I couldn't help, but freak out. I started jumping around and doing my happy dance right there in Jenna's living room. This was really happening! We were stoked! We were going to be "ETERNAL COMPANIONS" (that's what you're called if you get to be together for 3 transfers—which is rare!) Yay for the dream team! We survived yet another transfer! Yippy!

That afternoon, we ended up doing our weekly planning on campus. We walked around until we found an empty conference room to use. We were tried of feeling stuck in the institute so it was nice to have a change of scenery.

Brad and Nick had a BBQ for us that night over at Brad's apartment. They thought we were both going to be leaving the ward so they wanted to have one last dinner with them. The funny part was now neither of us were actually leaving, but hey at least we still got a dang good meal out of them! Brad is a world class barbecuer. Thanks for spoiling us guys!

We love Brad.
Getting some lovin' from Tooty (Brad's bird) Who says you can't get kisses on your mission?!

FHE was absolutely hilarious! They taught everyone HIP-HOP! We ended up simply sitting up on the stage watching everyone else get their dance moves on. Oh my goodness, talk about some good entertainment! After, Sister Steadman was kind enough to help teach Dixon, me, and a few others a couple of her dance moves. Oh my, let's just say I'm so not a dancer, but I think that's what makes it so funny! I looked ridiculous, but I couldn't stop laughing at how horrible I was! Good times and great laughs!

Tuesday, August 4th, we spent a good chunk of time contacting on the U of M campus and we were actually able to meet some pretty cool people. We talked to this girl Jordan for a good chuck of time and then we also were able to meet her boyfriend Matt. We had a good little lesson with them, gave them a BOM, and even were able to say a prayer with them. It always feels so good when you can actually feel like you are able to get through to people. It's a rare thing, so when it happens it's awesome!

Later, we took the Higbees over to meet our friend Tom. Tom is an older man who lives next to the institute. He sits outside on his porch a lot and we pass by a lot and are able to have little conversations with him here and there. Anyway, Tom is old and lonely, so we figured we should introduce the Higbees to him so if they're ever around they can also stop by to say hi. Tom invited us in to his place and showed off his pin-ball machine. He is quite proud of that little thing. He says it gives him something to do in the winter when it's cold and he is stuck inside all day. So there you have it folks, we all just need to invest in a pin-ball machine... it's the key to surviving our winters.

After visiting Tom, the Higbees took us on a little picnic to the famous "sculpture garden" in downtown Minneapolis. When I first got my mission call and I googled Minneapolis, pictures of this place where popping up all over the place so I figured I should probably actually go and check it out so I can say I have been and that I have seen the BIG SPOON and CHERRY. You know art is sometimes just random and weird.

Surfin' away with Elder Higbee!

I got the whole "cherry" in my hands! ;)

That afternoon, we took Karem with us to go and make DREAM BOARDS with Iris. Sis. Steadman and I had gone around campus and collected as many magazines as we could find (and yes we even went magazine hunting in the recycle bins) ;) I have to say we did a pretty good job considering we started off with having zero magazines to use. The four of us girls went to town cutting out and gluing things down. We each were able to get a pretty good start on our very own dream boards.

Dream boarding it up!

Tuesday, night was AWESOME!!! A group of girls from the ward all decided to go out to dinner together to a place called Betty Dangers. The cool thing about this restaurant is the fact that they have a Ferris Wheel you can go on while you eat! How cool is that?! We had a total blast being able to ride the Ferris Wheel while sipping our lemonades and watching the sunset! Talk about a view! It was a nice night out for the ladies ;)

On the Ferris Wheel and loving it!

Ladies night out :)

The next day, Wednesday, August 5th, we had a sad moment... we had to turn our mission car in. The mission lost over 20 cars and ours was one of the cars they decided to take :( So the bad news was Sister Steadman and I weren't going to have a car to use anymore, but the good news was WE were still TOGETHER and let's be honest, I would way rather be car-less and get to stay with Sis Steadman so I guess I things are still good in the hood here ;)

Sad day saying goodbye to our car :(

That afternoon, we had a lesson with Shampagne, her grandma and little brother. The elders had invited us to join them since they wanted us to start teaching Shampagne. Wow—can I just say it felt so good to be able to teach a family! I sure miss that! Working on a college campus is good, but you really do miss being able to work with families, little kids, and older people! We shared the restoration lesson and Shampagne was able to share with us how she has been able to recognize the spirit in her life lately. She also told us that she is beginning to feel like God is answering her prayers and that she is gaining a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. How cool is that?! We are so excited to be able to start teaching her!

Thursday, we woke up to lots of rain, but that didn't stop us! We planned on going out contacting on campus so that is exactly what we did! Too bad, there weren't many people out walking around in the rain. We did have a chance to go and hang up some of our shoes in the famous SHOE TREE on campus. There are hundreds of shoes all over in this tree so of course it was only right that we added to the collection. I ended up putting a pair of shoes up that I brought out on my mission that I think I only ended up wearing once in the MTC—Ha! It just goes to show that missionaries really don't know what they're going to really need or use out on their missions until they're out there! But now Sis Steadman and I have left our mark here on the U of M campus. I'll have to see if my shoes are still there if I ever come back to visit.

Gettin' it done—rain or shine!

Who says you can't have fun in the rain!?

There was NO WAY I was hanging my CHACOS up! Those shoes are far from being retired!  


We spent a good amount of time contacting this afternoon as well. We are tryingto make our contacting more exciting by playing little games along the way... so far we have found 45 of the 50 states in license plates and right now our new thing is collecting bottle caps. Elder Roberts started a collection so we figured we would try and help him out. Sister Steadman and I have already found about a hundred different ones. There is a lot of drinking around here so it isn't too too hard to find bottle caps. It is kinda like playing "Where's Waldo" when we are out contacting, but we keep our eyes open for any kind of bottle cap we can find. Elder Roberts is sure lucky to have us around because we pretty much have quadrupled his collection since we started looking.

While we were contacting on Friday, the 7th, we did meet someone pretty cool. His name is Henry and he was walking around selling candy bars. We got to talking and Henry told us how he is trying to change. He has been in and out of prison and now we is stuck selling candy on the streets. He sold drugs in the past, but doesn't want to go down that path anymore. We ended up inviting him to join us later that night to come to our ward's Friday night activity. He came and made sure to even shave for the occasion. The activity was a total success! We ended up playing minute to win it. The entire institute building was booming with laughter! The best game was one called "Junk in the Trunk"... oh my goodness—the laughing just never stopped at that station! It was great to watch people jumping around and looking totally silly! Henry had a great time at the activity... now our next step is to teach him!

The following day, Saturday August 8th, was our P-Day, but we ended up spending most of the day at the Science Museum. Brother Sibbled (from the stake) treated the elders and us to a day at the museum. We were able to go around and check out all sorts of different cool things. The highlight of the day was being able to watch the movie "Journey to Space" on their big, giant screen. It was so cool!

Goofing around at the Science Museum.
P-Daying it up with our favorite elders!

Yesterday, Sunday, the 9th, Iris and Shampagne both came to church! We had some awesome talks and lessons and then after we had a linger-longer-lunch! We also had a chance to have a lesson a little later with Iris and see where she is with baptism. She is gaining a strong testimony for herself, but she has decided she would like to wait to be baptized. She wants to give it more time and also help her family see the changes she is making for the better because of the church. So baptism is still on track it's just going to be farther out.

Sunday evening, I had the wonderful chance to talk with Bishop Haskins (here in the TCYSA ward). It was good to be able to have a PPI with him! I love being able to sit down and talk with leaders. Bishop Haskins is a wonderful man who is so good about showing love towards other people. I walked out of our meeting with my heart swelling and tears running down my cheeks. Thanks for the chat and words of counsel Bishop!

Well, I think that about sums it up for this last week. I hope you all are doing well. I love and pray for each of you! Know God loves YOU! He loves you PERFECTLY!!! No matter what! Never ever forget that!!!

-Sister Larson

Scripture of the week: Alma 34:38

We find this spot on campus and instantly fell in love with it!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week 38 – August 1, 2015

This past week was a bit of a roller-coaster, but I have to say, Sister Steadman and I were still able to make the best of it, as always! You can't bring us down!

So backing up to last Saturday, July 25th, it was CHRISTMAS in JULY! We made sure to listen to Christmas music all day!

We had a great lesson with Iris. Man, is it neat to see her progress! Four months ago she didn't know who God was and now she is reading the BOM and praying like a pro! I have to say Iris gives some of the most heartfelt genuine prayers I have ever heard! She is raw and real with her Father in Heaven and I think that is something we need to remember in our daily prayers.

We were lucky enough to end our Christmas in July off by going down to the Stone Arch Bridge to watch a fireworks show that Target puts on each year. Everyone says these are the ones you really want to see. I guess they blow the fourth of July fireworks out of the water! We were able to find a place to sit in the park that had a pretty good view of the show. And the best part was since it was so close to our apartment we were able to watch the entire show and still be back on time with a minute to spare!

Fireworks baby!

It was a FULL MOON and so BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday, July 26th, Agwa, our neighbor, came to church!!! It was so COOL! You wouldn't really see her as the church going type, but after she said she really enjoyed it and would like to come again. That just goes to show that we can't judge people. We are all God's children and we all need the Gospel of Jesus Christ! After church, we had a "linger longer" for the ward (you know we got to help these singles mingle with each other so they won't be single forever) ;) Vanessa was sweet enough to make dinner for the elders, Dixon and us.

Sister Steadman and I ended our evening off by going on a walk down by the Mississippi River. It was a good time to simply reflect and be with God. There is just something about being outside by water that seems to make me instantly feel closer to my Heavenly Father. I was able to have a pretty neat experience down there while I got to watch the sunset. As I sat reflecting, I was reminded of the gift the Savior gave each one of us. It is ONLY because of Jesus Christ that we can be forgiven, made clean, and can return to live with our Father in Heaven again. We truly are eternally indebted to Christ and there is nothing we can give Him that isn't already God's. The only thing we can truly put on the alter and sacrifice for Him is OUR WILL. Let us all strive to turn our will over to God and do as He would have us do. After all, don't we owe Him EVERYTHING?!

On Monday, the 27th, we contacted around campus and were able to meet some cool people. I always love it when we start talking with someone and something we say instantly clicks with them. Today, we shared with this girl Lanora that we lived with our Heavenly Father before we came to earth and immediately she said, "Yeah, that totally makes sense!" It's awesome when you see the light bulb go off for someone!

This is what the call "The Mall" area here on the University of Minnesota campus. We walk around here all the time contacting.  

Later we met up with Iris and had another amazing lesson with her. She is just cruising through the stories in the BOM. Today we went over Helaman and the 2,000 stripling warriors. Jake took us out to dinner and then we went to FHE. The ward played pictionary. I was pulled aside by two different people who asked if we could talk and if I could simply give them a hug. I'm so thankful I have the chance to be there for people and that they feel comfortable enough to come to me when they need someone to open up to.

Tuesday morning , July 28th, we were finally able to get together with Arlyne for a lesson. We went over her goals and what she wants in life (we tend to have this lesson a lot with these college age kids because so many of them are trying to find their way still). Arlyne opened up with us and told us not to give up on her, but to keep bugging her to get together for lessons. She wants the gospel and the blessings that come from it, but she doesn't seem to understand that it takes LIVING the gospel which involves making sacrifices and hard work. We will keep working with her and hopefully she can come to understand this principle sooner than later.

The rest of Tuesday was spent having interviews with President Forbes, going contacting out in the HOT, HOT, HUMID HEAT, and then we finished it off with Louisa making us a wonderful homemade dinner of... sandwiches. You may think sandwiches were lame, but let me tell you, after a long day out in the sun, those sandwiches hit the spot. I don't think anything else could have tasted any better! Thanks Louisa!

Wednesday, July 29th, we went to visit Josie. Josie is a member in our ward who has been struggling a lot lately. She has been in and out of the hospital several times over the last month. Josie has a lot psychological and emotional disorders. This was the first time I was finally able to actually get into her house. We had a great chat and Josie shared her favorite scripture with us. You have to check it out. Ezekiel 36:26. So good! Thanks Josie! Sister Steadman also shared a great scripture with Josie that is another one of my favorites... D&C 121:7-9.

That afternoon, Dixon had challenged me to a ping-pong tournament, so of course, I had to accept! Sister Steadman and I came strutting into the institute building all decked out. We decided it would only be right to dress up for such an occasion. So we went for the 80's look—BIG HAIR all the way (and yes, Sis S. may have also had a mustache as well) ;) We were a mix of "Hall and Oats" and "Sonny and Cher", but we decided that our names were Ping and Pong! (haha—get it?) When Dixon saw us he instantly busted up laughing—it was fantastic! Sadly, I have to say that Dixon actually owned me this time at ping-pong, but I am hoping my awesome look made up for the fact that I didn't win ;)

So we like to dress up?! What's the big deal?!


Tonight, Jennifer Reek took us to Lorings for dinner. It has to be one of the coolest restaurants I have been to! The architect work was sweet. It was old fashion and crazy and the food was pretty good too. Oh and hands down they had the coolest bathroom I have EVER been in! You will just have to go for yourself to understand.

We taught Eva, which was a miracle since she has been so hard to get a hold of lately. Our last lesson with her went very bad so we were a little worried to see how today was going to go, but we left feeling very good. Eva was fired from one of her jobs just a few days earlier and seemed to have some hatred built up towards this man who got her fired. We were able to talk about the importance of forgiving others and by the time we left she prayed for this man! Oh my goodness it was so awesome to see her heart start to soften! Forgiving people can be so hard, but it also can be very freeing once you're able to let things go.

Thursday, July 30th, we did some ward harvest work. We helped weed at the church next to the institute building and then we went to People Serving People with our entire district. It was FUN to be able to make up the entire crew for the night. I have to say I have a pretty dang good district. I'm sure going to miss these guys (transfers are next week).

Serving at "People Serving People" with my district... And Dixon (What can I say, he's practically one of us) ;)

Walking back from People Serving People with Dixon

Yesterday, Friday, July 31st, we helped Agwa move and clean out her apartment. We stopped by Iris's to bring her some fresh flowers for her room (she loves flowers), Jeremy made the elders and us an amazing lunch out of lots of yummy things out of his garden, and then we went to the ward activity that evening. Before the night was over we were able to go and teach Dixon at his new place. I'm beginning to think we need to get Dixon a missionary badge because he always ends us teaching me things. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, but Dixon finished reading the BOM this week! Go Dixon!!!

Well, I think that pretty much sums up the week. I hope you all are doing well.
Miss and love you all!
-Sister Larson

Scripture of the week: Alma 29:9-10

Theodore and Uffda are the proud new parents of their baby boy Dinky. What a good lookin' family!

The laughs just kept on comin'!!! (This was caught right after Sister Steadman's grapes had already popped out because she was laughing so hard) ;)

The elders seemed a bit down today at lunch so I grabbed some grapes and told everyone to pop two under their upper lip. There were some major laughs and yes, there were grapes flying across the room ;) But I have to say we make a good lookin' bunch of whos! ;)

Oh yeah we're cool! ;)
Sister Steadman found a random shopping cart on campus while we were contacting so we thought it was only fair to put it to good use... This is how you contact in style ;)

The "Dream Team" out getting it done!  

Check out the night sky. Minnesota has some of the most beautiful skies!

Doing a little meditating down by the Stone Arch Bridge...

Watching the sunset on the Mississippi water

I was telling some people in the ward you can FREEZE goldfish and that they can thaw out and live... so what did they do... they went to the store and made me "FISH" ice cubes! HA!