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Week 38 – August 1, 2015

This past week was a bit of a roller-coaster, but I have to say, Sister Steadman and I were still able to make the best of it, as always! You can't bring us down!

So backing up to last Saturday, July 25th, it was CHRISTMAS in JULY! We made sure to listen to Christmas music all day!

We had a great lesson with Iris. Man, is it neat to see her progress! Four months ago she didn't know who God was and now she is reading the BOM and praying like a pro! I have to say Iris gives some of the most heartfelt genuine prayers I have ever heard! She is raw and real with her Father in Heaven and I think that is something we need to remember in our daily prayers.

We were lucky enough to end our Christmas in July off by going down to the Stone Arch Bridge to watch a fireworks show that Target puts on each year. Everyone says these are the ones you really want to see. I guess they blow the fourth of July fireworks out of the water! We were able to find a place to sit in the park that had a pretty good view of the show. And the best part was since it was so close to our apartment we were able to watch the entire show and still be back on time with a minute to spare!

Fireworks baby!

It was a FULL MOON and so BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday, July 26th, Agwa, our neighbor, came to church!!! It was so COOL! You wouldn't really see her as the church going type, but after she said she really enjoyed it and would like to come again. That just goes to show that we can't judge people. We are all God's children and we all need the Gospel of Jesus Christ! After church, we had a "linger longer" for the ward (you know we got to help these singles mingle with each other so they won't be single forever) ;) Vanessa was sweet enough to make dinner for the elders, Dixon and us.

Sister Steadman and I ended our evening off by going on a walk down by the Mississippi River. It was a good time to simply reflect and be with God. There is just something about being outside by water that seems to make me instantly feel closer to my Heavenly Father. I was able to have a pretty neat experience down there while I got to watch the sunset. As I sat reflecting, I was reminded of the gift the Savior gave each one of us. It is ONLY because of Jesus Christ that we can be forgiven, made clean, and can return to live with our Father in Heaven again. We truly are eternally indebted to Christ and there is nothing we can give Him that isn't already God's. The only thing we can truly put on the alter and sacrifice for Him is OUR WILL. Let us all strive to turn our will over to God and do as He would have us do. After all, don't we owe Him EVERYTHING?!

On Monday, the 27th, we contacted around campus and were able to meet some cool people. I always love it when we start talking with someone and something we say instantly clicks with them. Today, we shared with this girl Lanora that we lived with our Heavenly Father before we came to earth and immediately she said, "Yeah, that totally makes sense!" It's awesome when you see the light bulb go off for someone!

This is what the call "The Mall" area here on the University of Minnesota campus. We walk around here all the time contacting.  

Later we met up with Iris and had another amazing lesson with her. She is just cruising through the stories in the BOM. Today we went over Helaman and the 2,000 stripling warriors. Jake took us out to dinner and then we went to FHE. The ward played pictionary. I was pulled aside by two different people who asked if we could talk and if I could simply give them a hug. I'm so thankful I have the chance to be there for people and that they feel comfortable enough to come to me when they need someone to open up to.

Tuesday morning , July 28th, we were finally able to get together with Arlyne for a lesson. We went over her goals and what she wants in life (we tend to have this lesson a lot with these college age kids because so many of them are trying to find their way still). Arlyne opened up with us and told us not to give up on her, but to keep bugging her to get together for lessons. She wants the gospel and the blessings that come from it, but she doesn't seem to understand that it takes LIVING the gospel which involves making sacrifices and hard work. We will keep working with her and hopefully she can come to understand this principle sooner than later.

The rest of Tuesday was spent having interviews with President Forbes, going contacting out in the HOT, HOT, HUMID HEAT, and then we finished it off with Louisa making us a wonderful homemade dinner of... sandwiches. You may think sandwiches were lame, but let me tell you, after a long day out in the sun, those sandwiches hit the spot. I don't think anything else could have tasted any better! Thanks Louisa!

Wednesday, July 29th, we went to visit Josie. Josie is a member in our ward who has been struggling a lot lately. She has been in and out of the hospital several times over the last month. Josie has a lot psychological and emotional disorders. This was the first time I was finally able to actually get into her house. We had a great chat and Josie shared her favorite scripture with us. You have to check it out. Ezekiel 36:26. So good! Thanks Josie! Sister Steadman also shared a great scripture with Josie that is another one of my favorites... D&C 121:7-9.

That afternoon, Dixon had challenged me to a ping-pong tournament, so of course, I had to accept! Sister Steadman and I came strutting into the institute building all decked out. We decided it would only be right to dress up for such an occasion. So we went for the 80's look—BIG HAIR all the way (and yes, Sis S. may have also had a mustache as well) ;) We were a mix of "Hall and Oats" and "Sonny and Cher", but we decided that our names were Ping and Pong! (haha—get it?) When Dixon saw us he instantly busted up laughing—it was fantastic! Sadly, I have to say that Dixon actually owned me this time at ping-pong, but I am hoping my awesome look made up for the fact that I didn't win ;)

So we like to dress up?! What's the big deal?!


Tonight, Jennifer Reek took us to Lorings for dinner. It has to be one of the coolest restaurants I have been to! The architect work was sweet. It was old fashion and crazy and the food was pretty good too. Oh and hands down they had the coolest bathroom I have EVER been in! You will just have to go for yourself to understand.

We taught Eva, which was a miracle since she has been so hard to get a hold of lately. Our last lesson with her went very bad so we were a little worried to see how today was going to go, but we left feeling very good. Eva was fired from one of her jobs just a few days earlier and seemed to have some hatred built up towards this man who got her fired. We were able to talk about the importance of forgiving others and by the time we left she prayed for this man! Oh my goodness it was so awesome to see her heart start to soften! Forgiving people can be so hard, but it also can be very freeing once you're able to let things go.

Thursday, July 30th, we did some ward harvest work. We helped weed at the church next to the institute building and then we went to People Serving People with our entire district. It was FUN to be able to make up the entire crew for the night. I have to say I have a pretty dang good district. I'm sure going to miss these guys (transfers are next week).

Serving at "People Serving People" with my district... And Dixon (What can I say, he's practically one of us) ;)

Walking back from People Serving People with Dixon

Yesterday, Friday, July 31st, we helped Agwa move and clean out her apartment. We stopped by Iris's to bring her some fresh flowers for her room (she loves flowers), Jeremy made the elders and us an amazing lunch out of lots of yummy things out of his garden, and then we went to the ward activity that evening. Before the night was over we were able to go and teach Dixon at his new place. I'm beginning to think we need to get Dixon a missionary badge because he always ends us teaching me things. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, but Dixon finished reading the BOM this week! Go Dixon!!!

Well, I think that pretty much sums up the week. I hope you all are doing well.
Miss and love you all!
-Sister Larson

Scripture of the week: Alma 29:9-10

Theodore and Uffda are the proud new parents of their baby boy Dinky. What a good lookin' family!

The laughs just kept on comin'!!! (This was caught right after Sister Steadman's grapes had already popped out because she was laughing so hard) ;)

The elders seemed a bit down today at lunch so I grabbed some grapes and told everyone to pop two under their upper lip. There were some major laughs and yes, there were grapes flying across the room ;) But I have to say we make a good lookin' bunch of whos! ;)

Oh yeah we're cool! ;)
Sister Steadman found a random shopping cart on campus while we were contacting so we thought it was only fair to put it to good use... This is how you contact in style ;)

The "Dream Team" out getting it done!  

Check out the night sky. Minnesota has some of the most beautiful skies!

Doing a little meditating down by the Stone Arch Bridge...

Watching the sunset on the Mississippi water

I was telling some people in the ward you can FREEZE goldfish and that they can thaw out and live... so what did they do... they went to the store and made me "FISH" ice cubes! HA!

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